Filtration Supplies

Vokes is a well-established brand in the filtration industry. They have been providing top-quality filtration solutions for various applications since 1921. With a rich history of innovation and engineering excellence, Vokes Filtarton continues to be a market leader in the field of air and liquid filtration systems.

Vokes Filtration have supplied filtration products the most of the British marine and industrial diesel engines manufactures. Vokes equipment can normally be found of Mirrlees Blackstone, Ruston, Dorman and Allen diesel engnies.

Key Features of Vokes products:

  • High-performance filtration media for enhanced efficiency.
  • Robust construction ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Customisable designs to cater to specific needs.
  • Optimum contaminant removal for improved engine performance.
  • Easy installation and maintenance for convenience.

The use of Vokes Filtration products with well maintained medium and high speed diesel engines can contribute to cleaner and greener operation, helping engine owner operator to comply with strict environmental regulations.

Enhanced Engine Performance: Combining Vokes Filtration’s top-of-the-line filtration solutions with with a comprehensive service regime, diesel engine performance can be significantly enhanced which improves longevity of your equipment. Efficient filtration ensures that engines run smoothly and with reduced wear and tear.

British manufactured marine and industrial diesel engines including Mirrlees Blackstone E, Mirrlees K Major, Ruston RK and Dorman Diesel engines are renowned for their robust construction, reliability, and durability., when paired with Vokes Filtarton’s filtration systems, you can rest assured that your equipment will withstand harsh operating conditions and deliver consistent performance.

Vokes also produce coalescer and oil mist eliminator products which are vital  to power stations and electrical utilities’ distribution networks, as well as offshore oil/gas operations, rail and shipping companies worldwide. Vokes products are used for the treatment of insulating fluids, filtration and clarification of fuel and lubricating oil and the elimination of harmful and potentially explosive oil mist from air.  Vokes filtration technologies are designed to protect critical equipment, fuel pumps, fuel injection systems, diesel engines, gearboxes, steam/gas turbines, compressors, transformers and electrical switchgear.

Lincoln Diesels stock and supply filters from Vokes, Fleetguard, Donaldson, and work with other specialist suppliers and ISO 9001:2008 accredited manufactures to fulfil all our customers filtration needs. Partnerships with these high quality filter manufactures enables Lincoln Diesels to support our customers other filtration requirements for a wide range of applications including:

Diesel Engines,

Gas & Steam Turbines



Control Oil

Hydraulic Systems

Feed Pumps

Vacuum Pumps

Lincoln Diesels can supply almost all the common filter elements in use worldwide, many of them from stock.

Lube, Fuel & Air Filters

We have supplied lube, fuel and air filters to our customers to support their equipment in service worldwide for power generation, marine, rail, pumping and offshore applications.

Coalescers & Separators

Coalescers and separators are specifically designed to separate liquids from liquids, particularly oil from water and water from oil, together with oil mist from air.

Oily Water Separators

Oily water separators work on similar principles to coalescers. We hold extensive stocks of the most popular Oily Water Separator elements that meet demanding industry standards.

Hydraulic Filters

A major cause of failure in modern hydraulic systems can be traced to inadequate filtration. More than 70% of spare parts sold are used to replace defective components, and the cause of 90% of these defects can be traced to oil contamination.

Compressors & Vacuum Pumps

Compressed air is an excellent source of safe and flexible energy. To operate efficiently the air must be clean and dry, and by installing the correct type of filter, damaging elements such as water, condensate, dirt, dust and exhaust fumes can be removed.


In the expanding sphere of high technology, increasingly stringent specifications for clean and ultra-clean environments have to be met and constantly maintained…

HycaSep Elements

HycaSep elements are used in the 2nd Stage of TURBULO-MPB Bilge Water Separators and function in the same way as coalescers in that they are designed to separate oil from water.

As well as producing alternatives to these elements, we can also offer the First Stage High Efficiency Coalescers.

Centrifugal Separators / Purifiers

The need to separate different liquid phases and solids from each other is a significant function of filtration and separation.

Winslow Depth Filtration

Depth filtration is the process of filtering through a depth of media to effectively trap and retain various particulates. Depth filtration is often relied upon as the first stage of a filtration cascade. Our suppliers advanced manufacturing techniques have developed this method of filtration, improving downstream filtration for high temperature and chemical compatibility, offering higher levels of filtration efficiency and improved particulate accuracy.